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In any building work, renovations, and refurbishments of buildings, a lot of wastes are generated, which must be removed before any work can begin. Time is very critical due to the increasing need for urgency within the busy cities time, especially when embarking on a new project. Wait & Load skip provides an ideal waste removal service without any added cost and delay of sourcing for a skip permit.

EDS Skip Hire take pride in providing reliable and leading wait & load skip services. We offer a range of site clearance options and different site clearance services before any building work can commence. Wait & Load service includes the collection, loading, and disposal of your waste. We provide is an all-inclusive perfect method of waste removal and clearance from the site to help you prepare for any development projects.

  • Why Should You Consider EDS Skip Hire Services?

EDS Skip Hire remains selfless in promoting eco-friendly wait & load skip services. Our skilled drivers are always punctual and committed to collect and deposit the skip at the required site, often in the most convenient licensed recycling facility.

We always wait for our clients to promptly fill the skip and remove the skip along with all the wastes inside. Where possible, we advise and recommend our clients to ensure that they have enough help to load the skip in our Lorries. Our big capacity, well-maintained, and- serviced Lorries can accommodate huge amounts of wastes as much as possible. However, we can make multiple trips to have all your waste cleared in one day to ensure that your projects are not delayed any longer than necessary.

At EDS Skip Hire, we work hard to provide the best services that adhere to our commitment to meeting customer satisfaction and expectations, which set us apart from the competition. We ensure that our wait & load skip services meet your requirements, at a time convenient and cost-effective to you.

Skip Sizes

4-14 yard skips


A 4-yard skip offers ultimate domestic waste removal solutions from a small renovation project. Can hold 30-45 bin bags of waste.


Can hold between 50-60 bin bags of waste. The 6-yard skips are popular amongst builders.


An 8 yard skip is far the most popular choice for dealing with heavy building waste. Can hold between 60-80 bin bags of waste. 


Can hold approximately 100 bin bags of waste. It is useful for several waste clearance purposes, including company cleanups, shop fittings, home renovations, garden cleanups, and building sites.


Can hold between 100-120 bins of waste. Being one of the most popular maxi-skips available, useful for commercial waste cleanups, large house renovations, or office clearances with medium-weight waste.


Can accommodate approximately 145 bin bags of wastes. This is ideal for large home renovations & commercial rubbish.

Save money on your clearance

Why Hire A Skip?

It is convenient & stress free

Hiring one of our skips is a stress-free process, we’ll deliver your chosen skip promptly to your address and collect it at a time that suits you. We can even arrange your skip permit if needed.

Faster than clearing it yourself

Whilst you could take your waste to your local council tip for free, this can be, as you may already know, be a real chore. The benefits of hiring a skip will be, no sorting your waste, no mess in your car and no repeated trips back and forth to the tip.


Waste collection when you are ready

No need to worry about opening hours of your local refuse depot, we can collect your waste when you are ready.

Need Something Bigger?

Roll on roll off bins/skips are the largest capacity containers, which generally come in a range of sizes from 20 yards to 40 yards

Our Services

What we offer

Skip Hire

We have 4 yd to 14 yard skips available for same day or next day delivery.

wait & load

An all-inclusive perfect method of waste removal and clearance from the site while you wait


When a regular skip is not big enough, you can opt for a roll on roll off skip. Choose from 20 yards to 40 yards.


We can collect all of your construction waste, from demolition, refurbishments, plasterboards, and much more.

What Drives Us

At EDS Skip Hire we are experts when it comes to providing our customers with a
fast, reliable and affordable grab & skip hire service in Hertfordshire.

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